About the project

On December 1st 2011, AIFO started the implementation of  a multicountry project on mental health, human rights and community based rehabilitation (CBR) co-funded by the European Union and implemented in 5 countries
(Egypt, Indonesia, Liberia, Mongolia, Brazil).
More information  about the project can be found in the “About the Project” page. This blog  has been opened as part of this project to provide a space for discussion on  mental health, development, human rights and community based approaches; share resources; and disseminate information regarding the project implementation.
Key information about the project
Target countries
 Indonesia, Mongolia, Liberia, Brazil, Egypt
3 years
Overall Objective
to contribute to reduce ill health caused by mental, neurological and substance use disorders in five selected low and middle income countries

Specific Objective: to develop and test different models for linking community based initiatives into mental health care and developing the capacity of both private and public local providers to effectively implement these initiatives

Comparative research on community based rehabilitation and mental health;
Mapping and understanding of situation of human rights of persons living in institutions;
Analysis and review of existing laws in the countries in relation to mental health;
International meetings for sharing of experiences on community based mental health;
Training courses mental health workers and community health workers;
Training courses on human rights, leadership, management and planning of members of organisations of persons with MNS disorders.

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